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In an effort to further RIMS Long Island Chapter’s Mission to promote effective, value-added, professional Risk Manager practices, and provide its Members with a variety of Professional Development opportunities; coupled with enhanced member relations and engagement of businesses with a common purpose; we invite you to join Our…

LI-RIMS BUSINESS DIRECTORY has been set up to accommodate the following categories.  If you would like to be listed,
but do not feel your business category is adequately represented...let us know and we will consider adding a new category!
(Available only to LI-RIMS "Members" and "Friends")

Claim Adjusters
Claim Settlement

Disaster Planning
Disaster Recovery/Restoration
Environmental Services
Financial Management
Information Analysts
Insurance Carrier
Loss Control
Risk Management
Safety Products & Services

Our new Risk Manager Membership will include 1 FREE listing in our BRAND NEW Business Directory. The cost of a Risk Manager Membership is included in any corporate/RIMS National Chapter membership or it will be an annual fee of $100. This Membership will include up to 5 Members from your Company.

Click Here to Download a Risk Manager* Membership and Business Directory Application 

For Non-Risk Managers, the cost will be an annual fee of $500 for an Associate/Friend Membership. The Associate/Friend Membership will also include 1 FREE listing in our Business Directory and up to 5 Members from your Company

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*Risk Managers are full-time Professionals with Risk Management responsibilities exclusively for one organization.
The Chapter reserves the right to ultimately decide.